Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 1 - Sondai Augusta 9, ...I am so bored

I am starting a diary today to give myself something to do. Being 19 years old and the princess here in Distress can be somewhat mundane. I woke up this morning and went to my balcony to watch the sunrise crest the horizon. Gee my day starts early! It was beautiful and I love to watch the colors change in the sky. I also get to glimpse the city that lies below, so peaceful and quiet. It won't be that way in a couple of hours, however. The noise that emanates from the street below my room is enough to drive anyone mad! I could smell my breakfast coming from the dining hall, so I dressed and headed off to eat.

Breakfast was great as usual. Cook is so wonderful and I can't get enough of her bread pudding. It's like eating french toast flavored goodness smothered in sweet cream. After breakfast is when my day gets really dull and boring. I had a couple of Royal meetings to attend. *yawn* Nothing ever happens here.

Today I worked on my swordsmanship skills. My dad really hates that I want to wield a sword and learn to defend myself. He always says, "That is what your personal guards are for!" He is such a traditionalist, but I love him for it :). My teacher, Tren, is a great warrior and is one of dad's top soldiers. He has taught me so much. I really love the freedom it gives me to be swinging that sword around with control and graceful movements. I don't care what my dad says I am not giving this up!

Nothing of any intrest, whatsoever, happened the rest of the day. I ate dinner and crawled into bed. typical.

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