Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 4-Mittelweek, Augusta 12...A dreary day

No dreams last night (or at least none I can recall) and I woke up to pouring down rain. The clouds blocked out the sun rising in the east. It was grey and gloomy, just a plain depressing sort of day from the beginning. I really hope this weather clears up by Freidei! I sound selfish but I don't want rain on my that too much to hope for? I am really looking forward to the ceremony my mother and father have planned for me. You see, not only is it my birthday on Freidei, but I also recieve a declaration to become the sole heir to the throne upon my father's death (God forbid). It is just a part of turning twenty I guess. I so look forward to the celebration, the song, music, food and dance but I must say I'm a little nervous about the responsibility that my future carries. What if I'm an awful ruler...Queen...leader...whatever?

After my near nervous breakdown, I had breakfast with my mother (a rare treat). She had details to go over with me about the declaration ceremony. Mostly she just droned on and on about the guestlist and who was going to be there. On the upside, Cassandra made a wonderful egg casserole and fresh sweet rolls. YUM! Our conversation was going pretty well until I mentioned the strange disappearances being reported, and then she just shut down and changed the subject as if I hadn't said a thing about it. Now I am sure these reports are true and that something is definitely going on, and I am going to find out what it is. I feel so left untrusted...UGH!

I was frustrated so I took out my frustrations during my sword training with Tren. I think he could tell I was angry and needed to let off some pent up anger. He noted that I was behaving very aggressively yet I was still able to exhibit great focus and composure. It was just the type of thing I needed after the morning I had. I was beat and physically drained. I felt good but still angry and upset over the whole thing.

By mid-afternoon it was still pouring down rain. So, I locked myself up in my room and came up with a plan of action to uncover this disappearance mystery. I came up with a couple of ideas and I'll start my investigation tomorrow.

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