Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 14-Setzdei, 22 Augusta...Another day in Vensk, another nightmare

I was awoken yet again by one of my nightmares. It was early, well before sunrise. The room was very dark and I could hear rain pouring down outside. My nightmare was so vivid this real. I could feel everything from the coldness to my heartbeat; I could even taste the damp musty air around me. When the light flickered I could see that the silhouetted figure was wearing a cloak, and appeared taller than the average person, or so it seemed. This time, my nightmare revealed to me that I was shackled to the floor (Was I a prisoner?), and the voice I heard definitely came from somewhere within the same room. Was the voice coming from someone in the same situation I appeared to be in? I have to talk to somebody about these nightmares, maybe it will help...maybe I will remember more if I talk it out loud with somebody else. I would tell Antonia but she has enough to deal with right now. Olin may just think I'm weird, or he will just completely write it off as just a nightmare and he'll say they don't have any meaning, whatsoever. I used to feel that way about nightmares but not this one. It is trying to tell me something, but what? I hate the cryptic nature of the whole thing. I wish I could just stay asleep and see the whole dream to its end, if there is one, but something always wakes me up. FRUSTRATING!

Antonia woke up shortly after sunrise. She looked a whole lot better than she did yesterday. I mean her face was still marked up and her lip was really fat, but she had a little sparkle in her eye that wasn't there yesterday. I could tell she was feeling a little farther away from death, not really alive, but certainly not dead. We made small talk, I didn't want her to waste her energy on conversation, she needed to recover. We needed to get out of Vensk and over the Pass of Sorrows so we could make it to her home in the Lake District. We still had a good bit of travelling ahead of us and none of it, according to Olin, was easy. She ate and drifted off back to sleep. I think Olin is having the cook slip something in her food so she stays asleep and recovers. It's just a thought. I have never known Antonia to want to stay in bed for such an extended period of time. Although, I've never seen her in quite this shape before either.

I managed to drag my very sore body, and head, out of bed. I made my way down the stairs to find Olin sitting at a window staring outside. He looked like he was waiting for somebody, probably our missing contact. I sat down next to him and he told me that no one has heard or seen our contact for a few days. Most people suspected that he had gone down the hill to Edgewood for supplies, but Olin didn't seem so convinced. I sat there by him and watched the rain come down. It must have lulled me to sleep ,because when I awoke, I was back in my bed and the dark of night had settled in. Hopefully, we'll be able to get on our way tomorrow. I'm not liking Vensk that much. Maybe Antonia will feel up to travelling...I pray she does.

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