Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 18-Mittelweek, Augusta 26...Finally we've made it to the Lake Distrct

Olin woke me up to tell me that we were only about a half days ride from the Lake District, so we wouldn't be leaving until midday. This worked out perfect for me. I got out of bed and hit the streets of Royta. I wanted to poke around about this missing miner. Antonia didn't feel up to going with me and I don't blame her for that. I stopped at a small blacksmith shop called the Iron Pick. I figured that Jess would have done some business here and I might be able to learn a little more about him, I was right. The blacksmith, Rory, was very helpful and nice. He regaled me with stories about Jess and his mine. He told me that Jess was a very outgoing and likable fellow, but he also liked his privacy. Rory was concerned about Jess but didn't think he had just vanished into thin air. Rory wasn't a believer of the rumors. He said when he sees it with his own eyes then he'd believe. A true skeptic. I enjoyed talking with him but nothing really new to help with the mystery. As much as I liked chatting with Rory, he did eat up all my free time with his stories. I had to head back to the inn to get ready to make our last leg of the journey.

We left Royta and I had more questions about this mystery than I did answers. It bummed me out a little. The last part of our journey would take us through a densely forested area, the Whispering Woods. It was beautiful. The trees were massive and so tall I couldn't see their tops. Olin was in the lead with us girls following and Wyatt bringing up the rear. The trail was very narrow and snaked in between the gigantic trees. All sorts of birds and other small animals could be seen darting here and there. All in all a very soothing and uneventful trek. It was a nice change of pace.

When we reached the edge of the Whispering Woods the sight of Lake Dorina, the largest lake in the Lake District, was indescribably gorgeous. The lake was so calm it looked like a mirror rather than water. In the reflection you could see Antonia's home town of Hallsburg on the opposite shore. We had made it! I have never felt such relief in all my life, well except when I knew Antonia was going to live after being dragged by the horses, but this was right up there. Olin rode ahead to announce to Antonia's father that we had arrived. Wyatt, Antonia and I kept a slower pace for Antonia's sake. By the time we had reached the outer border of Hallsburg, Brolin, Antonia's father, and many others were there to greet us. Brolin, gingerly, swept his daughter up into his arms and held her close. I teared up. It hadn't really dawned on me how worried Antonia's father must have been. I am sure my father must feel the same, I hope. It was approaching dark when we arrived in Hallsburg. Brolin had dinner waiting for us, in hopes that we would be arriving on this day. We ate like royalty, which I am, and were shown to our rooms. They were so much more lavish and luxurious than the inns had been. I should sleep well tonight.


  1. Love the image of Whispering Woods; it just sounds safe and secure and calm. What a perfect balm for ravaged nerves.

  2. I was almost waiting for Antonia to disappear next, among all those huge trees!